Her Writing

Akhila’s work has been featured in publications including Forbes and The Wall Street Journal.

Paving The Way For More Women In STEM

“The future, like that notebook, is hers for a beautiful moment. This moment is fleeting and harsh in its brevity.  The raw probabilities are not in this girl, or any girls favor.  Only a quarter of academic professors are women. Only twelve percent of biotechnology and pharmaceutical CEOs are women.  Only four percent of healthcare CEOs are women.”

The Nobel Laureate Exclusion Act: No Future Geniuses Need Apply

“Immigrant scientists have helped make America great. That future brilliant minds may not have the same opportunity is unacceptable to anyone who believes that America is an exceptional country that fosters exceptional talent.”

The Greatest Scientific Mistake

“Every single day that we do not educate our population on science in a meaningful way is a day we let our hard-earned scientific victories gather dust, a day we leave our federal funding from taxpayers in jeopardy, a day we let millions of dollars slip away on poor investment choices and a day we fail to inspire the next Nobel Prize winner.”